Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big round belly

Since Jen is going to Florida tomorrow, today was busy. We went to see two wedding organization places to check out what they had for the decor. Then we went to pick up the invitations. We love them! However, there was one thing wrong. The ribbon on it was 1mm thinner than the sample one they showed us and supposedly there is a color difference that I cannot see. YES! Jen caught these details (and I thought I was anal). Imagine the next three months... GOD HELP ME! We also went to pick up the ring (after having it resized) and ate an out-of-this-world beyti kebab at a nearby kebab (kebap in Turkish) restaurant. The owner of the restaurant loves to talk and read Turkish coffee fortunes. It will sound weird but he is a cute man with a big round belly.

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