Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wedding Wednesday

A few good reasons we are having the wedding on a Wednesday...

1. WEDnesday.

2. We don't have to oblige to a minimum of 200 people at the wedding. Do you know how many cheek kisses that is?

3. I cried like a little baby to have a good photographer. We researched till the wee hours of the morning trying to find one in Istanbul. We fell upon a few that were mediocre, but most of the styles were cheesy and look like they were shot by a drunk uncle with his 3.2 MP digital point-and-shoot. I decided for us that we wanted a wedding photojournalist and thus narrowed the selection even further. We searched and searched on WPJA's site and fell in love with Bartosz Jastal, a Polish photographer. He ended up being booked every weekend this summer, so we decided on a Wednesday. There you have it. Our photographer and his assistant are flying from Poland for our wedding! We are so excited!

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