Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hoş geldiniz!

Welcome to our super fantastic wedding blog! We plan on posting here throughout the next few months before the wedding with rants, raves, and other useful information for our national and international guests and fans. We are already in the whirlwind of wedding planning and are just finishing up the invitations, so if you're on the list you'll get one in the next two weeks.

Turkish school: Welcome!

Hoş geldiniz! (hoesh GELL-diniz) - Welcome!
(literally - "You come with coziness")

Hoş bulduk! (hoesh BULL-dook) - Thanks!
(in response - means "We find coziness here")

Thanks for visiting our blog and please check often for updates on our insanity.

With love,
Jen & Celal

1 comment:

Fatih said...

hey guys i am very excited for both of you, i sense that it will be a very exotic wedding!!!